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Designer with extended UX/UI and front-end development experience. Currently working on marketing and sales challenges. DeFi explorer & car enthusiast. Based in Antwerp.

It starts with yes.

Before I graduated in 2018, I used to do quite some freelance jobs. Whether it was the local plumber, the vet or and old-friend. I basically said ‘yes’ to any job that had something to do with either building a WordPress website, designing an interface or doing logo design. More and more jobs came rolling in. I guess I was doing something right. I got freelance offers for building eCommerce solutions, designing templates for SaaS products and doing label design. I had no experience, but I knew exactly what needed to be done. I started learning several disciplines within the online universe. YouTube and probably a million designer forums and lots of GitHub heroes helped me out. I love helping out with any (online) business related (design) opportunities. I think it’s a shame to have a quality product go down by bad design and user experience.


I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam (BSc). During my college years I had a side job as a mover carrying all kinds of furniture down the narrow stairs of Amsterdam residences. I combined this job with growing my own freelance business doing basically anything business (online) related. Advertising, designing, operating and managing departments.


Since 2017 I have been and independent designer, before that, I did some freelance assignments as well. Since then I have built 150-200 websites (WordPress) for dozens of clients. From plumbers to hairdressers, from large eCommerce webshops in collaboration with design agencies, local restaurants and more.

I have extended experience with personas, customer journeys, empathy mapping, value propositioning and prototyping. I have a passion for user interface/experience and graphic design.


Strategy & Management

Organizing an event for photographers, restructuring a sales team, or setting up a branding photo session. Can’t wait to tell your story here!

Branding & Marketing

I believe that branding is what users think of your business. Managing their expectations and working on a strong marketing presence is key.

Webdevelopment & UI/UX

Using Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch to visualize before utilizing the WordPress framework. I have extended experience using DIVI, Elementor and Enfold.

"Very strong communicator and professional. A breath of fresh air to work with; both creatively and strategically!"

— Chris Wagemakers, Lead Developer at Converdy

Bring your vision to life

User centered thinking. My design journey always starts with a user experience state of mind. I believe that truly having a deeper understanding of your user can narrow down the design process and make it specific. Conversations, empathy/journey mapping and persona’s are just the start. UX, UI, front-end development, Figma, Adobe XD and others are simply tools/methods to reach the ultimate design solution.

Don’t, worry:
I love UX too.

Over the past view years I did multiple UX / UI projects for different type of companies. SaaS, eCommerce, transport and more. 

What I’ve done:

Even before my ‘own’ company got signed at the chamber of commerce, I already helped some fellow students with their portfolio websites. After starting as a freelancer ‘officially’, I helped over 200+ clients with different projects. 80% were developing websites using WordPress after advising them about a good web design (with my so-called ‘inspiration sessions’). For the other 20% of the clients, I did graphic design, event management, sales, automation, and front-end development jobs.

At Holland Movers Group I started 7 years ago as a mover. As soon as they opened a position for marketing I reached out to the owner and started organizing the on- and offline communications. I did the complete re-design for Holland Movers, including website, trucks, and internal communications. In the past 6 months, I also took the role of the team-leader sales and started skyrocketing the revenue (117%+ in Q4).

At Converdy I worked as a Freelance User Experience / User Interface designer. I created over 200+ sections to be used in the templates and visual builder. I also actively managed the support channels and (partly) managed the social media channels.

As a freelancer, I assisted with strategy, marketing, web design, and user experience. Expanding, optimizing, and automating internal and external processes. I also organized a photographer event with 300+ attendees, this was a great success.

Using the 99Designs platform I designed 200+ logos (including variations) for several clients. I won a few contests and still like the competitive and fast-paced design process. I won competitions for a coffee brand in France, a golf club in Washington, and more. 

At this small agency based in Amsterdam, I joined the team with designing, coding and modifying WordPress, from layout to function and according to the client’s specifications. Striving to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. I built over 40 websites during this period.

Helping out this Amsterdam-based company, I did SEO. Responsibilities include: Conducting on-site and off-site analysis of your clients’ SEO competitors. Using programs such as Google Analytics to compile regular performance reports. Assisting the content team in the creation of high-quality, informative SEO content.