What I do

I assist companies with growth. Growth in the broadest sense of the word: more customers, more visitors, more sales, more money, more employees, more peace, more pleasure.

How I do that? I work from a strategic point of view. First, I look at the current situation and look at the steps that have been taken in the past. I ask many questions. What position are you in now? How did you get into this position? Where would you like to go? And much more.

I make it ‘vague’ more clear. I ensure that we have a clear view of the specific goals that are set, the time limits associated with them, and whether they are realistic and achievable.

I think communication is important, so I keep my agreements. I can always be contacted within 24 hours. But communication is more than being on time. I ensure that we know exactly what we both are doing and the period within which we can expect results.

I also obtained my Bachelor of Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam for the study Communication and Multimedia Design, with a graduation project focused on UI / UX for a SaaS (Software as a Service) product.

I make websites, logos and complete branding-kits. Create and develop marketing (online and offline), develop strategy, help with time management, organize events. And more. This while we can laugh out loud and philosophize.

Work is important. But it can also be fun. For both parties.

Well, well, we’ll see about that

Curious about my portfolio and relevant projects? In the last 2 years I have helped more than 150 customers. There is always a project that overlaps with your product or service. Contact me.

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Who I am

I’m Midas Vreeburg. Born in 1997. The same year in which the first Men In Black filled the cinema halls with humor & hi-tech. In addition, the year in which the first animal was successfully ‘cloned’, the sheep ‘Dolly’. Perhaps these two technology-related events have influenced the nature of my character: fascination for new things technology.

Most of the time I am looking for new experiences. New design, new people, new companies, new ideas. I am aware that I do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel, but within the familliar, I like to explore the limits and the unknown.

I also decided a year or two ago to stop avoiding reality and to make excuses. Makes my life easier and nicer. No longer do I have to look over my shoulder to see if everything goes well. So be it.

In addition, I have decided to look differently at ‘regret’. Stop the fear of risk. I often regret things I didn’t do than things I did.

I love little and good. No frills, but quality.

I think that’s who I am.


To ensure that we do not have an unsolvable puzzle, strategy is often essential. We look at the plans in the short and long term. How are we going to change the current situation to get somewhere else? Ready-made ideas are usually developed by me. All under one roof.


Following your service or product, I can develop marketing. I come up with concepts for online, such as advertisements on social media and more. Furthermore, I can also develop marketing for offline use (such as printing).


Based on the expressions and goals of the company, I am able to develop perfectly fitting corporate identities. Complete branding kits, logo design or other forms of visual identities. Including typographic and color research, for impact.


I build websites with WordPress. The webpages are developed in a flexible and customizable theme. I explain afterwards how you can change the contents. All websites I create are fully responsive: they work on all devices. Register your domain name yet? That is possible here.


Commonly used terms with which I have been trained. UX – User Experience: I design websites / apps and other digital products based on a goal. You want more registrations for an event, more sales of certain products, more callers. With those goals in mind, we look specifically at where elements (eg buttons) are placed and what they look like (UI = User Interface). Interface is the design between a user and technology / software.


Although I do not call myself an interim manager, I often deal with management issues. What still needs to be done? How long do certain requests / processes take? What needs to be done first, and what can be done later? By shifting with certain time blocks, we often come across a more efficient working atmosphere with more time.


Once the strategy and marketing are clear, I can assist with sales. Recruiting customers, helping / speaking at fairs or events and approaching your target group personally. I call, email and visit. I engage in real conversations with your target group and uncover the problem-solving formula.


Creating the basis of website or managing search engine optimization. Improving or adjusting corporate identities is also a possibility. Different options are possible: small groups, large groups or individual sessions. For more information, contact me.

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