This section contains a few portfolio items, sorted by type of work. As I don’t think that every single project I did is relevant to show, this page contains about 30% of the work I’ve done. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to see something specific that I’ve made before.

UX / UI design.

Holland Movers: In terms of UX work, I designed and largely built the entire website for the moving company Holland Movers (for which I did a lot of marketing work). In co-creation with a big marketing firm we co-developed the website using a custom WordPress theme.

ANWB: At the ANWB I joined the innovation-team with designing a complete camping-platform that included a large database of caravans, campers and other tools. I used design patterns used at Autoweek, ViaBovag and other big vehicle platforms in Holland. The concept-validation was a great succes, the incubator program took 6 weeks (for my part). A full-fledged prototype was being used in usability tests.

Tokemak: For this Web3 project I helped out Tokemak with designing a single-page landingpage to help them gain more traffic to their liquidity pool platform.
The goal was to create a consistent landingpage containing the Tokemak-feel as well as being optimized for mobile use, while keeping the SEO purposes in mind.

Student Verhuis Service: For this logistics and moving company I designed the new website. As it had to contain approx. 200 pages, I was asked to design each unique page. A simple, clean and also good converting website was the main goal. Graphically it had to look sleek, simple and professional. The website is currently under development.

Maple Finance: For Maple Finance (a Web3 lending/borrowing platform) to improve their onboarding flow with CEX (degen users), I designed a CEX-wallet. They currently don’t have any CEX-based apps; however; to grow their potential – I designed this (minimalist) CEX-crypto wallet app.

Converdy: I was asked to design dozens of hero sections, headers, opt-in pages and much more to fill up the library for Converdy. The goal was to make as many sections for the 50K+ users to use within the editor. The designs are currently fully implemented within the section/template library of Converdy.

Graphic & Packaging.

I designed the first label series for the brand Mayoneur, where I insisted on designing a mayonaise packaging that was ‘corporate’ enough, to re-use the style with different accents to highlight the flavours; without losing the distinctive Mayoneur look.

An Amsterdam oriented beer-brand called ‘Het Paleisje’ asked me to help out with their label. I actually had to tidy up an existing Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file and adjust the base design. This was the final result, currently for sale at several supermarkets in Holland.

Hüd is a Scandinavian-inspired brand that I made up to design a sleek black look for cosmetic products. Usually all the cosmetic brands tend to choose a white (clean) look, however, I wanted to try black for once. 

Although it’s not my go-to type of design, I did several packaging and graphic/print design jobs. 

For the moving company Holland Movers and their budget-brand Student Verhuis Service I designed the vans. They wanted to use a playful colour: orange. This was chosen to support the visibility of the vans, as well as standing out between all the generic-white vans that are already out there. For the budget brand, Student Verhuis Service, this was a great fit since it looked ‘cheap’ (in the good sense). However, for Holland Movers, the luxury brand, I had to come up with grey-antracite to offset the cheaper looking orange. 

For a fund-raiser project, YUCE I designed a base line-design for a line of products that contained 100% organic, cold pressed juices. 


Even before my ‘own’ company got signed at the chamber of commerce, I already helped some fellow students with their portfolio websites. After starting as a freelancer ‘officially’, I helped over 200+ clients with different projects. 80% were developing websites using WordPress after advising them about a good web design (with my so-called ‘inspiration sessions’). For the other 20% of the clients, I did graphic design, event management, sales, automation, and front-end development jobs.

At Holland Movers Group I started 7 years ago as a mover. As soon as they opened a position for marketing I reached out to the owner and started organizing the on- and offline communications. I did the complete re-design for Holland Movers, including website, trucks, and internal communications. In the past 6 months, I also took the role of the team-leader sales and started skyrocketing the revenue (117%+ in Q4).

At Converdy I worked as a Freelance User Experience / User Interface designer. I created over 200+ sections to be used in the templates and visual builder. I also actively managed the support channels and (partly) managed the social media channels.

As a freelancer, I assisted fotoachtergronden.nl with strategy, marketing, web design, and user experience. Expanding, optimizing, and automating internal and external processes. I also organized a photographer event with 300+ attendees, this was a great success.

Using the 99Designs platform I designed 200+ logos (including variations) for several clients. I won a few contests and still like the competitive and fast-paced design process. I won competitions for a coffee brand in France, a golf club in Washington, and more. 

At this small agency based in Amsterdam, I joined the team with designing, coding and modifying WordPress, from layout to function and according to the client’s specifications. Striving to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. I built over 40 websites during this period.

Helping out this Amsterdam-based company, I did SEO. Responsibilities include: Conducting on-site and off-site analysis of your clients’ SEO competitors. Using programs such as Google Analytics to compile regular performance reports. Assisting the content team in the creation of high-quality, informative SEO content.